What R… possible income streams

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What R… possible income streams?

Before we even as much as start… talking about possible additional Income Streams – you need  to ask yourself these questions first – “Do I have the time, the drive, the passion – to start a Business on the sideline?”

Let’s have a look at a few very simple, straight-forward possibilities – anyone can do this. A full article will be published on each of the options, in the weeks to follow. Ensure you receive the full articles and more tips and guidelines – pop over to www.fortitudesa.co.za and ensure you receive these “Trending Topics” in an email.

  • Your skills, knowledge, experience and passions are what the world needs

By far my most favourite option. The world needs people who have come alive, and we come alive when we do, what we’re created to do.

  • Create and manage Facebook ads for local businesses

More and more companies are running ads on social media. Do they all know how to do it? Nope. Do they have the time to do it? Nope.

They need you – to assist with that.

  • Teach Chinese kids English – from home

I’ve often heard of, this, and have tried it out. Thousands across the globe generate and additional income, teaching kids on the internet.

  • Become a virtual assistant

Millions of people across the globe are working online. Not all have the time or understanding to complete all electronic tasks required from them. The demand for virtual assistants will therefore keep growing.

  • Start a pet sitting or dog walking business

People have pets. Most people have more than one pet. People also work, have chores to do and kids to cart around. End result – people do not always have time to give their pets the necessary love, care and attention they need.

  • Start a House Sitting business

People go on leave or travel for business. They may have a garden service, housekeeping service, pet-sitting service – that may need to continue even when they are away.

These people nééd a house-sitter to assist them while they are away.

  • Become a Garden Refuse Collector in your Area

This is an easy way of earning an additional income. This is not a garden service – that’s a totally different  bucket of fertilizer. Garden refuse collecting is easy!

  • Start a Baby Sitting Business

Not everyone’s cup of tea – or coffee. That’s understandable. But it is a very lucrative additional income stream for literally thousands of people across the globe.

Elmarie was a global Business- and IT Consultant for 36+ years, having consulted on behalf of several Global IT Frontrunners, to international Industry Leaders. She started her own business Fortitude South Africa in 2010, and has since been focusing on assisting others to reach their full professional potential. Elmarie obtained her SMME Management qualification Cum Laude from UNISA in 2016. She is also the founder and MD of “Ball for All” www.ballforall.biz – Dances for Wheelchair Users and Amputees.

Elmarie Bouwer

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